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Compatible with the following formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.

Phototheca, viewing, and all image files much easier and more effective to organize a free photo management software. Label your pictures with original sound, move the album, according to a calendar that was taken the day to see them, and delete duplicate files.

This tool can import your local drive, all the folders in the JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files will choose to stay. Pictures will be in their original locations and Phototheca their way around the library organized and motivated regardless of the display image.

Phototheca memory card automatically, USBs, and can import photos from removable drives. Also, if the photo has already been imported, the program will recognize and will not copy them back to disk, avoiding duplicate.

All photos will be organized in the event when they're imported. They have taken the time and date, and if they lasted more than one day will be divided according to the various events that can be combined.

Phototheca of the album, and smart folders with pictures of events just drag and drop files onto the program can be filled by.

Also, thanks to this program, you have to spend hours looking through your folders for a particular image will be. (With three different designs) to the calendar view of all of the pictures as long as you remember roughly when they were taken in the months and years to show movement, looking through your photo history and are looking for more than what you will find.



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