Use Bluetooth to send mobile promotions

Connecting Bluetooth technology devices is more than just a system. In fact, this channel in Blueune can send commercial offers to various mobile devices, especially marketing campaigns.

BlueOne uses a Bluetooth device connected to a computer to detect a mobile phone presence in the area. For example, after searching for the type of content the phone can receive for images or videos, users ask for information about the campaign if they are interested.

You can send all types of content to the phone, from a plain text file or from a Java file, to an audio clip, image or video.

Additionally, BlueOne can be used to measure the impact of the campaign by using a module for detecting the detected phone and how many data was sent.


For Windows XP SP2 and SP3, and Windows Vista. You need a Bluetooth transmitter compatible with Microsoft drivers. When installing the device, additional drivers are requested.


Fully functional for 15 days.

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