Software POS El Almacen Punto de Venta Demo Gratis

Software POS El Almacen Punto de Venta Demo Gratis

Carlos Raggio
An integral business manager for small- and medium-sized businesses

El Almacén Punto de Venta is an application that helps small and medium business owners, such as bakeries and small supermarkets.

The program has features that will be expected for such a tool: sales records, cash control, earnings records, credit notes, inventory reviews, etc.

The program works with any regular bar code reader, so you can easily record all sales, cash or both provided with a credit card. At the end of the day, it is easy to check how much money is available at hand and how much stock is left on the shelf.

All reports can easily be exported in Excel format, help you tell the best sellers what to do, the best money makers, and any products need to be restored.

El Almacén Punto de Venta is a convenient application for small business owners. By using such an accessible tool they can always be comfortable with an interface designed for all users.

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