Easily manage accounts and inventories

Avelandipro is a very handy tool used to manage inventories that lets you record items you have purchased and items you have sold.

The program is very easy to use because of its very intuitive interface. You will be able to see all the options at a glance. This does not mean, however, that there will be limitations to what you can do: the program has a wide array of possibilities.

In the case of products, user codes, descriptions, prices, units of measure, minimum of stock and (a very important feature) the possibility of recording your products in decimal points may enter. This means you can record the box as half, one kg and 100 grams etc. and the system will update your stock whenever any sale or purchase is made.

In addition to these, Alvendipro includes one category for suppliers and another for clients. The system allows you to monitor accounts that are raw as well as those that are not yet charged

With AlvedPRO, it is also possible to generate reports that include sales revenue, amount of money spent on purchases, quantity of products sold or purchased, price list, stock items, etc.

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