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Contamus is a comprehensive accounting and running program for managing expenses and income for a small business or home.

The application can be run online or from a computer, and you can control unlimited control over different companies.

Some of the main features of the program include:

- Update tax information: Set as many tax-based parameters as you like, including your tax management in a two-year course.

- Accounts: Create an approximate account for your home or business, and display the list of expenses and revenue / revenue.

- Notes: Take all kinds of notes, take them from one account to another, confirm your expenses and revenue so that everything is okay, etc.

In addition to all the above, you have access to various utilities to create backup copies of your data. You can set a password to protect the information contained in the program, and you can set alarms to remind you of certain actions.

Without a doubt, Contamass is an application that provides the right tools for easy, effective management for your home or small business.

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