Windows 10

Windows 10

Build 10074 (64 bit)
Try the new version of Windows before its launch

Windows 10's latest operating system, which brings many missing features to the previous version and launches long-term expected processes that are already available in competing software for a while

After the disappearance of Windows 8, it is one of the first to return to the Start menu on the Start menu. From this, you can access all the programs you have installed, as well as 'live tiles' on the Metro desktop, the other is the main improvement of the second operating system: Windows Store applications will eventually meet the traders, so that you can use them in both windows.

Another more expected addition is that it is finally possible to work on multiple virtual desktops simultaneously. The 'task switch' has improved enough usability by allowing you to switch between a window and the other, so it is now much more liquid to use many software together.

All of these features are included in the single version of Windows that can cover all platforms. That is, the same version of Windows 10 can run on both desktop and ultra-compact devices.

Only 2 weeks left to update to free Windows 10

This will be marked a year from the official launch of the July 29th Windows 10. This is the final date for upgrading your previous version of Windows (above Windows 7) for free. Since then, you need to deliver $ 119 for getting Windows 10 - so get the ball in the next 14 days and save yourself a beautiful coin.

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How to Start Safe Mode from Windows 10

Windows Vista and 7 Safe Mode can be easily launched through the Start menu, which you put in a key combination before starting the operating system. But in Windows 8 / 8.1, there is a different method for recovering on Windows 10 and accessing the secure startup system, which we will explain below.

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How to solve the installation problem in Windows 10?

Today the world is turning counterfeit with the update of Windows 10, and if you have not heard this news at this time you just woke up. When installing the update via Microsoft's automatic process, when the update did not completely resolve, the problems occur, which is oversaturated due to the large number of requests that are currently made. Here we will explain how to check if there is a problem with the installation and how to fix it.

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