My First Month Blogging Experience

With just one month of web experience from Blogger, just move to WordPress by a Giveaway. I never thought that i would came here with a huge speed. After i start my Blogging from Blogger Platform i don’t know anything.. What is Templates, Blog, Posts etc.… But with just one month of my summer vacation; after my exam over 

 I came touch over all this things at once! I need some time to be understand all things with this blog. I want to learn. And with this blog i started, what i want. I keep learning new thing then new new ideas from different author came touch with me. During this time(15th Aug ’14-15th Sep. ’14) I published 14 wonderful Posts/Articles and got some readers too.  So, I was happy to take the opportunity to share more about my blogging journey, my dear readers! 

#1. The Plan:

After getting started with this blog, seriously i don’t know anything about what i post, what i gonna do..?? Then after the working process going on, i decide that i will go with Tech-Blogging-Tips related Niche(Subject).

#2. What I Learn?

Blogging is a continue process of learning as we all know that very well. I learn that How to kepp the blog more Clean, Beautiful and SEO friendly as well as More attractive. I subscribe at least 20-25 blogs from India to know only basic things like:

  • How they write,
  • How they Use the Images,
  • How they are the Words,
  • What the basic tools they use
  • What the reason behind the Traffic
  • What the Theme Used by the blog
  • What the Plugins Used etc…

Although i unable to find out less , but sure i will do at least something with this & still keep my learning about them..

#3.ThemeS & Plugins:

As you all know that the looks attract the visitors & Leave a Unique Identity of your blog which is More Important in This Platform. After i gain some idea about Blogger themes and coding; Also i made a Theme for my blog successfully but in WordPress my idea about thee themes is a BIG ZERO. So, i m using Genesis Framework by Studiopress as Parent theme & News Pro as Child theme. I know that One day i will find out some way to design my very own Theme and Use it to my blog.. Someday….! :/

#4. Meet The Bloggers Through Social Network:

As i said i got this domain and Hosting by a Luck. So, that i find some authors from Facebook & Twitter

#5. Ranking & Backlinks:

Although i have some idea about Ranking but no idea about what is about Backlinks. Still no idea!! I just came across some blogger post about it, so that i try to understand what all about and How they Work.
As the basic knowledge i submitted my blog all the major Search Engine sites like Google, Bing, Baidu, Alexa etc..

>Here the Traffic Rank from Alexa:

>Here the Rank as per WHOIS:

#6. Knowledge of Social Networking:

We all use social networks for fun, for share our thoughts etc.. But the fact in all the major Blogger used the Social Networks for Traffic. As i don’t know anything but as per my basic knowledge i make a Page in Facebook, You can follow me in Twitter, Reddit, SU, Pinterest etc.
You can Get touch Here:

And How can i forget!! I also register with Popular Site INDIBLOGGER.IN which is most popular site from India.

This is my 1st Month Experiance in This Platform. I just give my best because now im student and i just give 6 hr Only Sunday & Monday for this blog… Yahh.. Still Long Way to go.. To learn..

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