Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank Within 30 Days

If we want to increase our Online presence in the Blogging World then Ranking is must. It’s not about your traffic, your business, your earning; it’s about How popular is your blog..?? Because all the above statement is directly proposnal to your blog Ranking. After Google PageRank; Alexa rank is carrying more importance in all webmasters.

Who is Alexa?

“ALEXA” is the name of the company (basically a web information company) by Amazon who measure your blog Ranking according to blog Performance and consists of some elements like

  • How old is your blog,
  • The daily number of visitors and page views
  • where did you get traffic? Direct, Referral or Organic?
  • Did you install Alexa toolbar in your blog?
  • Did you install Alexa Widget in your blog?
  • How many backlinks you have?
  • How many TLD you have? Do you have any .edu/.gov backlinks?

According to Alexa:

The rank of a blog/website reflect both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users.

Only this as per Alexa Blog says:

Alexa only measures traffic from who have installed Alexa toolbar.

But the problem is as per  Blog says Alexa Widget is not affect/increase your rank. The widget is only used to Promote your site’s Ranking.

You can view the Page HERE

If you want how Alexa Works or How they Determine Then Here they Describe all: Alexa Blog Page

Q: Why Alexa Rank Matters?

It’s true that Your Alexa Rank is not affect on your blog Search Engine Ranking; but the main problem is Search Engine ranking is really matters to calculate your Alexa Rank.


Let you already score top position in google in “XCV” keyword, so how many people click your blog URL and reach to you is calculated by Alexa, so it obviously your ranking is increasing better the whose blog URL located in second position. Right?

Next is its does not effect your Advertising panel. For Monetize your blog like Infolinks or Google Adsense is no more effect your Alexa Rank.

>But Alexa Rank is important for following Reasons like:

  • Attract the Advertisers:

You should know about BuySellAds. There what happens, you got listed then you choose where you advertise like sidebar etc. the choose your price like $30/month. Then advertisers choose you and you make money but BuySellAds take 25% as per commission. So you got $23.5 in advertise in your blog. But if you have lower  rank minimum less the 100K the you will get direct advertise proposal with double or triple money.

  • Attract Sponsors/Small Publishers:

The fact is if your blog have lower rank then the chance is much higher if you contact small Publishers to advertise in your blog and you got huge money.

How To Increase My Alexa Rank in Short Period of Time??

There are several way to increase/improve rank. So, we put some steps to improve and reached under 100k Alexa Rank.

#1. Claim Your Blog:

This is a must, if you want to rank faster on Alexa. Here how to do?

  • Visit and creat an Account. You may sign up by Email or by Facebook.
  • After sign up, login your Account.
  • Now go to Alexa Site Owner Page.
  • Now enter your blog URL and click on next button.
  • Now there are three option to verified your blog.
  • Now if you using WORDPRESS SEO BY YOAST or ALL IN ONE SEO then there is an option below in the Dashboard menu.
  • Copy the unique Mete number and paste there & save it.
  • Now come to  page and Click on “VERIFY MY ID”. After you get a Success message.
  • Then go to site Setting the provide your information about your blog. Thats it.

#2. Install Alexa Toolbar in Your Browser:

The more visitors have visit your blog have Alexa Toolbar on their browser, the better Alexa rank you will get.

Download Your Alexa Toolbar Here.

#3. Install Alexa Widget in your Blog:

As i say previous Alexa widget not responsible for put any effect to your Ranking but it helps to show your Ranking to publish which is very important to all blog owners.

#Q: How To Show Alexa Rank Widget on our blog?

Here is the solution:

1. First Go to the Alexa support page HERE.

2. Now choose your size that you want to show on your blog because there is Two different size available.

3.  Now copy the code which is start from “<a href” and end “</a>”.

4. If you are using WordPress then Go to  Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets>Select where to show(Like Primary Sidebar) > Add new Text(just drag the text menu to your sidebar )> Paste the above copied text > Then click on save.

5. If you use Blogger Platform then Go to Layout > AddWidget > Select HTML/Javascript> Past the above copied text > save it.

NOTE: Before save it Replace the URL “” to your own Domain URL.

#4. Write Posts Related and Trending to Your Niche:

People love to reading more informative post, so whatever your niche its don’t matter; you have to write more trending and related posts to your niche. Its boost your Ranking.

#5. Blog Commenting :

Comment on other blogs related to your niche also build good traffic and generate a backlink to your blog. So it’s also important to comment regularly to get some referral traffic and Backlinks.

#6. Build Strong Backlinks:

Alexa calculate how many strong and weak backlinks your blog have. More strong and Do-Follow backlinks you have more higher ranking you go. I also write a post regarding to How to build Strong and Unique Backlink.

#7. Write Quality, Epic, Trending & Useful Posts:

If your blog have Quality , Trending & Useful posts then its more like to share in social Networks and visitors love these type of contents. This not only increase your visitor percentage but also increase in Page views, decrease Bounce Rate, Increase DA/PA, increase in  Ranking and you can also make some Quality do-follow links indirectly.

#8. Update your Blog Regularly:

This is a strong Recommend to all. Search Engines love to index faster who update their blog regularly. We don’t say to update your blog two to three-time in a week but set a time to post. I will post one or two post in 6-7 days interval.

If you don’t update your blog regularly then your Ranking decrease and very hard to improve …

#9. Share your post to Social Networking Sites:

Sharing your posts in Social Networking sites are so easy. Because they are high PageRank sites so you not only get massive traffic but also get social Backlinks which help to increase Rank. You can post your posts in Facebook Groups, Twitter, Google+ Communities, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

#10. Submit your blog to Blog Communities:

By submit Blog Communities its help to provide inbound links. So, you have very High Quality posts the its provide to increase PageRank and Alexa Rank also. And don’t forget you also got some quality Comments on your blog also.Here i provide another post regarding to Blog Communities.

>Last Words:

The Secret of Increasing Rank is:

The secret is increase Alexa Rank by Providing some Strong and Unique Dofollow Backlinks and Your Contents That drive more & more Visitors from Organic and Referral As well as Direct.

For me, i really don’t get attention to increase Alexa Ranking, but i do what i need to for successful my blog. It’s ultimately and indirectly indicate to improve your blog’s Ranking. So give more attention to Build backlinks and Write HQ contents that help your visitors.

One more feature which was Removed by Alexa is “Review”. Review other blog or anyone review your blog is put a great impact on your Ranking but now they Removed it.

And one more word: Never EVER follow BlackHat system to increase your Ranking links, why?? Because its increase your Alexa rank in short time period then decrease like you can imagine. You can more likely to slap from Google from their updates and your blog is continue to DIE..

Is anything Left..? Your suggestion is more important to us… So, comment what to think and share this post if this post Help you

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