WiFi Map

WiFi Map

4.0.29 for iPhone
WiFi Map LLC
Connect to any Wi-Fi network near you with the proper passwords

If you are promptly asking for Wi-Fi passwords any time between the restaurant, hotel or friend's house, then WiFi Map Pro is a device that should be installed on your device and not deleted. Through this application, thanks to the social networking feature wherever you can connect to the Internet.

This application has been thanked for thousands of user activities every day, who dedicates themselves to enter the bars of the bars or other places where they are sleeping. Any network, public or private means, WiFi MAP Pro can have its own entry. In addition to passwords, notes on how to connect to the network stability or connections can usually be commented.

Even more than that, you can load the database with Wi-Fi passwords through global cities - it's very useful when traveling abroad - and connect to networks in thousands of cities without additional data. No matter where you are, you can add connection points from anywhere, update passwords with or without public premises, or have their own entries already.

With thousands of access points in every city of the world, WiFi Map Pro is a practical tool to connect to the Internet, almost sure. In most populous cities, you will not be able to take the initiative to access the Internet without searching for the network and its password.

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