Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel

7.0.9 for iPhone
The Pokemon Company
Move your Pokémon strategically on a virtual game board

Pokemon Dual (known as Pokémon Comster in Japan) Pokemon is an official video game from the universe. In this case, the game relies on other players against the fight against one of the board games where pocket monsters are broken into a board.

The gameplay is really easy to understand. Each character can move a certain number of spaces with the idea of ​​moving your enemy towards the right position. To do this, you have to protect every possible way that might be the cause of your defeat when closing your opponent. When two Pokémon is adjacent, they fight according to each statistics. Each player has a battle deck made of six Pokémon. Some Pokémon can also be used to play in different ways that have special power.

If you take part in various game events and events, you will find objects that you can improve your pokemon through the phoccation system and get something new. What is happening is based on this game, each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, so if you want to climb to the ranking table then you need a good strategy.

Pokémon Duel is definitely an interesting alternative to Pokémon Go, which offers some really interesting clashes with the original gameplay. Nevertheless, it does not conflict with the desire to achieve and sometimes the desire to be the best trainer. And it includes Pokémon from more than one generation, so the fans of the sea are sure to love Pokémon Duel.
These are the official Pokémon games for all Android
It's impossible to imagine that our Android has half a dozen official Pokemon games. Although some - such as Pokemon Geo - are funny, but many are still unknown to the serious Pokémon fans. So without further ado, here they all are.

Wanderers and Development: A new Android insect game is the way
It will appear that Pokemon enjoys his work on the smartphone which is announced today that it has received another game for iOS and Android. After the success of Pokémon Geo and Pokéman Duel's recent appearance, it is understood that the Pokémon company will wash its gloves and create a new headline for these two systems. It seems that this new game will be identified as a star of the favorite puckam of Internetland.

Pokémon Dual: Now the new official Android game!
The Pokémon Compassor of Japan Region, Pokémon Dual Hiros International Studies of the official operation of The Pokemon Company, in collaboration with Japan Studios. In this application, the heart of experience is facing other strange players, where there is a piece of pokemon on the strange virtual keyboard. Although not new to it, the English version of the game has just come out, and it can not be downloaded from Google Play, but it can install an API from an upturn and play with no restrictions.


Requires iOS 7.0 or higher.

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