Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

1.7 for iPhone
Rockstar Games
Enjoy Vice City on your iPhone

Grand Theater Auto: Vice City Hall is the classic version of the iOS device version that brings you all the wizards of Miami in the 80's, directly inspired movies like Scarff from your mobile phone or tablet.

The game is released with the 10th anniversary. Being said that, it has not been affected all the time of the year, as it is still fun to play as its day. Also, this version comes with improved graphics, different effects and adaptations adapted to mobile devices.

There are other new features in this iOS version, the ability to save your game online using iCloud and create your own radio station with your songs from iTunes.

Otherwise the game is largely faithful, providing you with a few-hour-long campaign for a Tommy Verratti shoe in most of the charismatic characters of freelancing.

Grand Chief Auto: Vice City was a great game ten years ago, when it was released on PC, and it is still an outstanding game on iOS devices.

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Full 1.7 for iPhone Rockstar Games