Google Duo - Video Calling

Google Duo - Video Calling

53.0 for iPhone
Google, Inc.

Google Duo is a high quality, one-to-one video calling application that is simple, reliable, and works both on iOS and Android phones. Call a phone, a direct, face-to-face video chat.


High quality video calling only works

Get in touch with Google Duo quickly and with reliable video calls, you go to or go to Wi-Fi

A video chat application for everyone

Connect with all your friends any time. Google Dow works for domestic and international calls for iOS and Android phones.

Easy to use

It's just a single tap to start a video call with any of your contacts in Google Duo.

Saddle This is me!

In Google Duo, see a live preview of who you are calling before making a selection.

Secure video call

All calls are fully encrypted to ensure confidentiality

Make a voice call, too

When the video is not an option, use Google Dow to create audio-only calls

* Data charges may apply. Check your carrier for details.

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Free 53.0 for iPhone Google, Inc.