Wikipedia Mobile

Wikipedia Mobile

6.2.2 for iPhone
Wikimedia Foundation
All of Wikipedia in the palm of your hand

Its interface is very simple - type what you want to do which you are searching for and see its database. Also, thanks to this extreme simplification, Wikipedia Mobile is fast and easy to use.


The app you can access is just like the website you have. However, what sets it apart makes and makes it much easier to access it in a highly recommended app.


Wikipedia Mobile is very useful for any user, and even though it is used especially in English at the moment, the Spanish version we can not see will not be long.

The Wikipedia app is now quite smooth

To get started, even when you have a free wikipedia, it may seem that the mobile version is perfectly compatible with mobile screens when it is not enough to use its approximate Android app. But there really is nothing more than the truth: the new version of the official Wikipedia app includes full Fulfite and a new readings system, besides the load of exclusive features that you are loading several tabs while entry from entry.


Compatible con iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.


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Free 6.2.2 for iPhone Wikimedia Foundation


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