UC Browser

UC Browser for iPhone
One of the fastest web browsers currently available

UC Browser is an alternative to many browsers available on iOS. It provides a simple interface that includes all the features needed to enjoy satisfactory browsing.


The most notable of the browser features include gesture controls for using different application functions, fast swapping between tabs, and voice search.


In addition, the UC Browser offers an anhydrous mode for you want to browse in the dark without being tired of your eyes, perhaps you cannot possibly stay in bed and test you out of your social media, perhaps most are the night. There is also a special Facebook add-on that lets you move social networks faster, easier.


Another interesting browsing mode in UC Browser, Incognito mode. Thanks to this feature, just like Chrome's incognito window, you can browse without a trace.

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Requires Android 4.0.3

One of the fastest web browsers currently available

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