Playstation App

Playstation App

19.03.1 for iPhone
Sony Computer Entertainment
The official PlayStation 4 app for iOS

The PlayStation App is developed by PlayStation 4 from the official application, Sony, so that your PlayStation experience goes to your iOS device.


With this Playstation app, you can see what your friends are playing at any time, compare your trophy with you, and check the recent activity of your profile and PlayStation Network.


And of course, you can chat with all your friends, get notifications, receive game alerts and invitations, and use your mobile device like a keyboard when using your PlayStation 4 console (much more than controller).


Another great feature of the app is that it allows you to browse the PlayStation Store, select games and add-ons, and then transfer them to your console so that they are ready by the time you get home. In other words, you can get any downloads or updates you use on your phone, even if you are away from your physical console


The PlayStation App is an interesting application that is owned by PlayStation 4, because it gives you access to a lot of interesting features.

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License Version Developer
Free 19.03.1 for iPhone Sony Computer Entertainment


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