Air Display

Air Display

1.8.10 for iPhone
Avatron Software

Do you own an iPad or an iPhone? If you do, you may have a second monitor with your laptop or desktop computer.


To use the application you only need to install Air Display Client on a computer that will use as an air. Once you have done it, you need to add your iOS device to it, something that can be done in less than a minute and then you are ready to start using it.


By default, your new screen 'normal' will be located on the left of the computer monitor. To see an element on your iPhone or iPad, drag and drop next to the screen you need to do. In it, you can interact with your keyboard or mouse, as normal and even use your finger as a cursor.


On this screen you will be able to play Youtube videos, play flash games and perform normal tasks in normal monitors, as well as not be able to think about normal iOS limitations.


Once you have done the job with it, you need to close all your clients and you can come back to normal, the only way you can change the device you are using as a second monitor, since you cannot have the connected iPad and an iPhone at the same time. .


Air display is a very interesting tool, although it does not appear to be convenient for using a small screen due to the iPhone, but it will definitely be useful when using the iPad.

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