Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX

Bad Robot Interactive

Action Movie FX is a program that helps you edit videos recorded with your iPhone camera and make a matter of seconds into an action movie.


That is, you can insert an effect on your video where a missile only selects your finger with a finger up where you want it hit. Of course, you can not compare the results with a professional program, but remember that it makes it less than a minute, it is quite spectacular


While recording the video, you try to keep the camera as stable as possible with some dominant tips and try to keep the shot clean from the object, otherwise the effect will not be so good


Action Movie FX is a utility that can give you a smile if you use it right. It does not really have lots of features, but little that can make it, makes it better. Of course, it gives you the chance to launch a missile, which is pretty cool!

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Free 3.2.18 Bad Robot Interactive