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5.17 foriPhone
Google Maps makes a grand return to iOS

Google Maps, perhaps the best mapping tool in the market (more prominently better than Apple) is now available in iOS terminals after a small fall, which leads to its disappearance from the App Store.


With some new and interesting additions, the app knows everything, there are all features. You can search for addresses, places, companies or businesses in the simplest way possible, and best of all, you can synchronize the app with your Google Account to get the right information on your phone and PC.


You can ask your best route to 'applying' to a specific destination using the transport transport you choose. You're going to the foot, on the table, on a subway or bus, Google Maps will show you a small route.


The application's interface is designed to be more designed and optimized to make it more comfortable and easy to use and all its features. In addition, the application has improved its functionality and generally runs in general. Google Map is an essential application for iOS users. Not only is it the best mapping tool, but it works as a specific A-Z for any city.

How to Check the Traffic with a Tap On Your Screen

Google Maps runs in the race unexpectedly, because it does not stop adding features that eventually become indispensable. I like it all, as queen, and I want it now and now the latest version of the app adds another brilliant feature to the Home screen widget, which shows you just how much traffic is traffic between your location and elite destinations with just one tap.

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How to Share WhatsApp Location

These days, being able to share IM application addresses from Google Maps is practically essential. Although this option is included with WhatsApp default, it still only allows you to share your current location or an interest nearby, there is no remote place on the map. To do this you need to go to your Maps app and share it there. Here's how we explain it.

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