Battery Manager FREE

Battery Manager FREE

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Battery manager is free, just as its name indicates, it is a tool that helps you manage battery usage on your iOS device.


The application shows you how much time you spent on talking on the phone, listening to music, browsing the internet using 3G, showing movies, or performing video games.


In addition, you can find out how much time you will have left after doing something before starting the task. For example, you only need to talk about a program that you want to hear the music for an hour and you will see how much battery life you left after that time.


With the chance of having trouble with your battery life, one of the tabs will advise you for various tips that will help you last. It's not something miraculous, but it can be very useful.


Battery manager is a very easy free way to keep your device always above the battery life of your device. It's very useful.

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