Astrid Tasks & To-do List

Astrid Tasks & To-do List

The ultimate to-do list for your phone

Astrid is a tool that will transform your iOS device into a private personal assistant, which you can always find out what you need to do on that day, go to the gym, go shopping, or show your friend at a specific time


You do not forget anything so that you can add a lot of new tones to your personal agenda - remember everything you have to do and fully organize one application. In addition, to work in groups (which is particularly common in college) it comes with a tool that divides you into a specific job among different people and notifies them on Facebook or Twitter.


Astrid is constantly synchronized with the Internet so that you can always keep your to-to-date list up-to-date and receive audio notifications so that you do not miss anything important.


Astrid is a very useful tool for users who are usually involved in multiple tasks or those who are just more erroneous, do not forget to do something important.

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Free 2.6.2 Todoroo


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