7.8.1 for iPhone
PayPal, an eBay Company
Send and receive money using your iPhone

The application for PayPal IOS devices is that you can manage your account, send and receive money, add funds, etc.


The program's interface is very friendly and you can carry all these operations very easily - with just a few touchs on your iPhone screen.


All of these movements and actions, of course, completely free. That is, you will not get an extra fee for them from your iOS device


PayPal is a very useful application for PayPal users every day, allowing you to stay in your account at any time and anywhere.


PayPal is mine, a real way to pay your money

We are all those friends- those friends who come in time to share the cats of the restaurant when they suddenly think that they have no cash and the next day you will have to buy their bus ticket because they have no change. For all types of innocent people, PayPal has launched a new service that allows you to make a single click and online payments between friends and family on a platform with a commission or a fischer using a small custom URL.

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Free 7.8.1 for iPhone PayPal, an eBay Company


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