Google Drive

Google Drive

4.2019.18202 for iPhone
Access your Google Drive from your iPhone

Google Drive is an official application for the same name service, which allows you to access your virtual hard drive from an iOS device whenever you are connected to the Internet.


The application's interface allows you to easily access your personal virtual hard drive, shared files from other users, recent files, and anything you can access offline (which you have to download before).


Basic storage for Google Drive 5 GB - enough for you to save your documents, images, and a video here and there. However, if you need more space then you can always pay for more.


Google Drive is a huge cloud storage service that is especially useful for integrating with all other Google products. It is easy to use and convenient, which makes it a useful join for those who need specific documents with them on your iOS device from time to time.

What is the "cloud" right?

A recent Samsung study showed that 72% of surveyed users do not really understand that they do not really understand the meaning of technology. And one of the most confusing things was "The Cloud" (written among cap) across all-around. So what exactly does it mean? How can you get the maximum of this functionality on your smartphone? Never be afraid - the Apostosoft is here, and we can explain everything.

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