5.1.17 foriPhone
Prisacom S.A.
All the up-to-date sports reporting for Madrid fans is one of the most popular official applications for the online sports publication of Spain: for example, a newspaper almost exclusively of Real Madrid.


You'll be able to update all things related to Real Madrid: The general manager's thoughts, the coach they just expelled, the coach will fire in the next week etc.


In addition, there will be easy access to all the news related to your football, F1, motorcycle racing, NBA, ACB, tennis, news updates, live events etc. from live sports events. You can make a list of your favorite sports so that it's easier to follow them. is a very interesting application for those who want to follow the 21st century's best football clubs. Thanks to this app, you can always be there when you break the latest news about this great team.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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