3D Audio Illusions Hlwn

3D Audio Illusions Hlwn

Yegor Trukhin

3D Audio is a very weird application that allows you to experience the word 'magic' in three dimensions, which you can really make the next noise noise  to you.


The application has six different words that tell 'different stories.' Their longest is a virtual itching, which lasts for almost five minutes and you have to cut your hair which will have to remember at that time you have an Italian hairdresser cut. Other Words for Fireworks, Storms or Anyone Moving Around You A Madbox


Although it may seem stupid, when you keep your headphones and start listening, you will notice that the words come in different places. This is true that all these words are recorded with the help of two microphones ... and thanks to your brain, which works in the rest of the job.


3D Audio is a very interesting application which will definitely help many users discover the '3D word' concept, it's a chance to surprise you.

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Full 1.2 Yegor Trukhin