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Snapchat is a simple application that lets you communicate with your friends using only photos that they can watch for a few seconds before they disappear forever.


The way the app works is simple: if you want to add a text caption, select how long you want other people to be able to see it, and then send the image.


Although your friends will need to see the image, install the app on their devices. Also, if they take a screenshot of it, they'll get a notification that they did, so keep control over the ones you're sending and not saving.


Snapchat is the whole point, you can imagine, send moments to send, or lively pictures in a very selected group of friends. Why? Well, because the receiver will be able to see it, because it disappears without a trace. And if they accept a screenshot and save the image, you know.


Snapchat is a very useful tool for fast, easy and visually communicating with your friends.

Snapchat comes a new story revamped with search engines

Snapchat popularity has been isolated by bit by the time, due mainly due to appropriation of its features by other social networks - although the application's annoying UI has helped many, otherwise. They have been working to upgrade the app for a better time and announce a new feature that it can give a breath of good new life: a new search engine for public stories.

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Facebook Messenger now has filters and masks for your photos

If there is an application, new features are added to Yin Yang - Facebook Messenger. A few days ago, we saw the new Instant Game feature, and we again came back with some repercussions, which would certainly turn things around. Include filters, masks and bells and cities to add new in-app camera functions to your photos. Now, that's not all known words, is not it? << Nimse>>

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Adding new Snapchat update group chat

It is a long time after Instagram really upgraded its game honors for the widely popular features by Snapchat. Although this year's most popular application was top of the popularity among young people, Instagram was surprisingly moving instead of adding new features. At this point, it seems that Snapchat was cruising along without any new features until the New Year, but surprisingly enough; today, a great newcomer for public communication is released from the popular thief-equipped app of up to 16 people in the chat premiere of the group.

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