Social Media Vault

Social Media Vault

1.0 for iPhone
Graham Richard

The Social Media Vault is an incredibly useful app for all users who think that they are wasting personal logging into each social network. Social Media Vault lets you Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yahoo! Answers to all social networks like Google Plus, Radioteet, Tumblr, Dropbox, Skype, VoMO, Sound Cloud, Meetup, Tagged, High 52. DG, MySpace, Delicious, Meetmay, Delmotion, Amazon, eBay, Blogger, Flickr and StumbleUpon, all from the single app.


From Social Media Vault, you can access each of the various social networks without logging or closing access. Access your user's information to access all your social media content. Thank you for being able to open multiple profiles together, you can also get the latest news from your busy profile, as well as those you do not use most often.


This is a great thing about this app, in addition to the possibility of access to several social networks, it lets you protect your information with a PIN, an alphanumeric password, or a line pattern. To do this, simply set your security code and enter it each time you want to use the application. Thanks to this option, even if you can not open your profiles, no one can access without your permission.


Even better, there is a 'Panic Button' in the Social Media Vault, which lets you know that if you try to open an app while you are away, then all these security measures make this a great alternative to keeping up to date the most convenient and reliable method. Furthermore, the application's interface is designed to easily back and forth between profiles: You only need to remove your device to run the next option in the list.

By Laura Del Pino

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