Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail

4.27.1 for iPhone

Yahoo Mail is the official Yahoo app for iOS devices, allowing iPhone users to access their inbox and e-mail, from their smartphone comfort


The app specifically features some features designed for touch screens, such as the ability to select different emails when you organize them or the autofill addresses so that you do not waste any time while writing an email.


You can expect from this type of application, Yahoo! Mail allows you to log in to different accounts at the same time, making it easy to be one of the alternatives between one and the other. You can perform quick searches of messages in all folders, so nothing will be lost. Or at least not too long)


Yahoo! Mail Yahoo's email service is an intriguing applicant for frequent users - it's the perfect ally on new messages. Its account management is quick, comfortable and easy to operate from its interface.

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Free 4.27.1 for iPhone Yahoo!