7.49 for iPhone
The official Twitter client for your iOS device

Twitter has become an essential social network for everything to stay up to date.


This official Twitter client for that iphone makes this social network stay for any user, because knowing about everything about your friends is not a matter where you might be essential for you.


You will not only be able to get the messages, but you can tell everyone wherever you are, take pictures and upload them, share comments.


In short, if you are on Twitter, then you always need this Twitter client.

Get new things for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all April

We started our new month with some new features in the world's most popular social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all received various updates to their sites and Android apps, in some cases, how to make a drastic change on how we will communicate

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By adding the latest Twitter update "moment", select highlighted content

Wondered this week with an important change on how Twitter has been used. It has created "moments" a few years ago, information that makes it easy to access simple  content and if you do not follow some accounts you will miss. We could not possibly have expected this useful tool designed for smartphones. Still, it has reached Spain full of vehicles and enjoys its full butterfly from smartphones or browsers.

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Twitter is limited to 140 images and letters for GIFs

Twitter's 140-character limit is also a thorny issue. Conservation and minimize have always been a social network, which has stagnated, so it may not be the best step to distort the main idea by expanding the most fragmented pieces. In any case, the change that has been created is not exactly the same: Now when a picture or video is added to your tight, the saved character has been moved for the link. This means that you still get your full 140 characters to connect with your Twitter.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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