Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

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The easiest way to use the Facebook chat on the go

If you usually use Facebook chat, we recommend you to install Facebook Messenger because it allows you to send and receive messages through Facebook, it is actually the official app.


The applications offer us an easy way to share photos and our location. It also offers multicenter chat meetings to chat with many contacts at the same time.


We're able to configure you to get a buzz when you receive a message repeatedly, and in this way, use it like Whatsapp. You answer that you will be able to answer using the normal SMS if the person is not online.


Facebook users will have access to Facebook at any time. It's a really comfortable way to chat with Facebook friends.

Facebook Messenger now lets you share your live location

Facebook Messenger is still left, right and center to duplicate every week or center's features. Last week we received emoji feedback and mentioned chat, and now there is a new addition which is as controversial as possible: you can share your location in real time.

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Facebook messenger adds feedback and mentions in chat

Facebook Messenger is one of the most important chat applications and is fighting a permanent turf with WhatsApp and a smaller amount wire. The tactic of protecting itself from the usual efforts of Messengers has been to launch new features every few weeks. Although recent links to invisible posts have become a debate, there are two new bits for today to decorate your chats: Emoji-based feedback and group chats have the option to mention people with pings.

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Include advertising in messenger on Facebook

In recent months, Facebook has been providing continual Nobel. The launch of instant games in the application was an attempt to influence the Chat Apps market, as was the presence of Snapchat-esque filters. The importance of messenger was great and the Redmond Company did not pass an opportunity to get an opportunity to gain access to it - which soon we will start seeing messages on Facebook.

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