How To Write Magnetic Headline? A Complete Guide! Part 1

Hello Friend! This is my first post in this blog. I’ll start my first post with “How To Write Magnetic Headlines?”

When it comes to your content, you never neglate the Priority one; Yes its HEADLINE. Headline plays a important role not only in SEO but also in Social Media sites. So, write a magnetic headline by which the visitors have bound to open the post . Its not easy but not so difficult. See How?

Why Write Magnetic & Great Headline?

You should saw so many blogs in Internet. Did you notice some blog have magnificent post but Headline sucks!! If your Headline sucks then no visitors view your posts; not only that your blog bounce rate increase dynamically. Headline is first place that a visitor’s eye catch.

How to Write Magnetic Headlines?

1. Headline will be Short:

You should notice more short Headlines are most Magnetic Headlines. Most successful bloggers Headlines are less then 50 character or less. Before you write Headlines first saw that did your subject you are write is completely match with your Headline?

2. Use Numbers:

Yes use numbers like 1, 2…etc. Why? Because no one have much time to read your 100-300 words paragraph, so show the important points of your post in a numeric value. Like:

1. XYZ is awesome
2. Its contains ABC.
like this..

3.Use Unique & Interesting Words:

It not a joke! Yes this keyword have a high value. This keywords makes visitors at least view your post once.

The Keywords are:

2. Unique
3. Truth
4. Strange
6. Facts about
7. Ideas
8. Tricks & Tips
9. ways

If you use this types of keywords like : ” 10 unknown Facts about Genesis Framework”

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4. Make your Headlines Promising:

Promise your reader that the post is something useful to them.
You have to tell the something important that they don’t know about that!
Like if you write ” 5 Tips to Decrease Bounce rate of you blog in 30 days”. That means you promise the visitors that your tips will helpful to them to decrease the bounce rate of their blog in just 30 days. The same headline like ” 5 unknown tips to Decrease bounce rate “. Both headline are same but the promise is different!

If the visitors found something useful to him/her then Congratulation You get a new Return Visitor! 

5. Use Wh words:

These types of keywords are mostly valuable to visitors. Use these type of words not only promising but it says about you quality of writing. Like :
“Case study: Why you can’t get Return visitors?”


As always Practice make Perfect! Learn from other bloggers how their headlines are? Then compare your Headline. First sit any write some headline and match what, types of word perfect suite to your post and also remember to use these 5 types of guide.

You can Saw The Infographic By in Part 2: HERE

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