How To add And Monetize WordPress Blog With Google Adsense

Which is the best way to monetize my blog? This is the most common question that gets asked most often. You know, there is no perfect answer to this because different people have different answers. Some bloggers like me or you see other successful bloggers have used “Google Adsense” to start monetizing their blogs with different types of Ads.

What is Google Adsense?

You know, Google Adsense is the most popular and best option to monetize our WordPress or Blogger blogs. Basically, Google Adsense is an advertising network run by Google which allows bloggers to add some ads like banner ads, text ads in their websites and earn money through it.

It’s worry-free because you don’t need to give any attention to it. Your work is just added to your blog and leave for some days. And it’s also known as for his Ads because after adding the ads in your blog they automatically analyze your content and display ads related to your content. It’s generally known as Context Sensitivity Ads.

There is a number of different options to display ads. Google Adsense support ads like:

  • Text ads: only composed with text only.
  • Banner ads: With some image and text
  • Rich media ads: just like banner ads with audio.
  • Video ads: Shows only video type ads.

But most popular and widely used ads are Text and banner ads.

These are maintained by Google and they generate your revenue on either PPC (means Pay Per Click) or PPI (means Pay Per Impression). PPC pays you each time someone clicks on your ads but in the case of PPI, its only pays you for the Impression per One Thousand unique visitors.

Here we found a short video for a short note and know about what is Google AdSense is:
Note that Google AdSense is not a Rocket Science that you get rich quickly overnight. Its depends upon your blog content Quality and Quantity.

> Let’s Get Started With Google AdSense:

  • After Get Approve with AdSense then Goto My Ads> New Ad Unit.
  • Now it bring you to a new Page where you choose your Ad size, type, different style etc.
  • Now Create your ad and grab the code.

#Q : Where to Put Google AdSense Codes and How ?

#1. Manually in Your Sidebar:

  • You can directly add your Google AdSense code in your sidebar.
  • Just go your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widget > Drag and drop Text Widget in your Sidebar > Paste the ad > the click on save.
  • After that wait 5-10 min. for display the ad.

#2. With Different Plugins:

You know there is plenty of Plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Store. Some plugins bring full Google Adsense Dashboard experience to your WordPress Dashboard.

Here is Some Best Google AdSense Plugins:

#1. Google Adsense :

I put this plugin in the first place because this plugin is the Official Plugin that comes from Google for WordPress.


  • Responsive layout for all device.
  • Manually add your ads in different layouts.
  • Manage your ads just one click Interface.
  • Exclude pages from having ads on them
  • Add Webmaster and AdSense tool with one click.
  • Its Free.

#2. GARD :

GARD(Google AdSense Responsive Design) is one of the most used plugins which allow adding your ads.


  • Responsive Design so that works on all devices.
  • AdSense policy compliant.
  • Setup under 2 minutes.
  • It’s also comes with PRO edition which able to add custom shortcode, cloned ad, different group etc.

#3. Ad Inserter:

This is one of the BEST plugins not only for showing Google AdSense Ads but also you can add other ad networks also. This plugin was also used by me too. :)
Your work is just to copy the code and paste it there and choose settings and complete it.


  • You can display Before or After content.
  • You can display Before or After Paragraph.
  • You can display Before or After Title.
  • Manually add different shortcode for more frequently use.
  • You can use different tags.
  • You can display to logged, not logged or all users.
  • You can choose different alignment like Align Left/Right, centre.
  • You can display ads for “X” number of days.
  • You can show ads in Posts, Only Pages or Both.

Ultimately this is a free plugin that comes with all PAID features but ITS FREE!

#4. Google AdSense Dashboard: 

If you want to see what you’re earning in your Admin Dashboard then this plugin is only for you. It comes with a unique dashboard (earning dashboard) which was placed on your WordPress Dashboard, displays your Revenue and related reports inside your WordPress blog.


  • Display all statistics like Earning, CPC, CTR, CPM, Clicks, Page views etc.
  • Ad unit performance table.
  • Can show to all your member or Hide.
  • Saw one week or one month reports & much more..

You can try different other plugins like:

If you are using Genesis Framework powered Theme then its easy to show ads. You can read the Genesis Review Here.


Some unknown facts:

  • Although there is so many sizes are available but the best size is 336×280 which is Large Rectangle; can be display in your right and left margin.
  • You can get most click if you place one or two ads between your posts.

Here you can Know more about Google Guidelines and Tricks.

And note that Never Ever click on your ads which was displayed in your blog. If you do that than you Violate their TOS and Got banned.

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