Check Your Keyword Rank Position In Search Engines

Do you have idea about Keyword Ranking in Major Search engines like Google, Bing or other? Means do you cheack your Blog particular Keyword Rank Position in Search Engines.? If you are a serious blogger than the answer will be YES. This is the main factor working behind your blog and take traffic to search engines to your blog. This is provides a major role in SEO. As two moth experience i feel that all SEO professionals check their Keyword ranking in a free tool like Google Keyword search Tool and also after some day they also check the same keyword to check their ranking in Search engines.

So, our main aim is select an SEO optimized and most search keyword, then make a High Quality content, after that track this particular rank in all Search Engines. Once the keyword got listed in Search engines then i or after publish the post now its time to build some backlinks towards the post. You can try blog commenting method or comment in CommentLUV enable blogs for get an DO-Follow link to your post. If there is enough SEO optimized content the your blog is most likely to Ranked  Top 50 in just one week.

I also write a complete guide about Keyword Optimization, here you can check.

So, here is the tools that help you to Track your Keywords:

#1. Google Webmaster Tools:

Yes. Google Webmaster tool. This the most accurate and you track the actual rank on search engines, you also track Impressions, changes, clicks, CTR and the main thing Avg. Position of your Keyword and the change occures in last one month.

#2. Moonsy Rank checker: 

This is all in one tools for every action. Here you can check Alexa rank, domain authority and much more thing. This tool is most used tool in this industry.

#3. SEOCentro Rank Checker

This is the best tool i ever tested. You can check your rank toward the specific keyword in three search engine like Google, Bing & Yahoo! It also show you rank in different engines and show all top 50 sites.

#4. Rankaware:

A new discover website for check your Keyword and SERP monitoring. You have to download this software and use to find or track you keywords. It support both Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines.

>Others Rank checker Tools:

i. Google Rankings :  This is also an attractive tool for all bloggers. It not only track the rank but also saw various options like keyword density and much more..

ii. SEMRUSH : This is a complete tool available in your Hand. you can check any keyword and analyse the further for more detail. But this Tool is Paid. So, i can’t know about more about this Software. But There are a lots of positive reviews about this software &  All Pro blogger users who afford the price they loves and recommended to use this tool.

For the above you can choose anyone to check you specific keyword ranking.
Hope you all like this post, any suggest or any tool that i forgot then comment via comment box.!
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