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How to use WhatsApp Messenger Without Phone Number?

How to use WhatsApp Messenger Without Phone Number?

On the daily basis, number of applications are growing rapidly. To connect globally WhatsApp messenger is the most famous app these days, so just find the technique and install WhatsApp messenger without phone number. The apps provides voice and message services. It is absolutely free for the users. You need to connect with internet and then freely it can be installed in your device. This application is not strict to one or two offers but its highly applicable for number of other benefits

This app is designed to communicate with the other party. Even you can add the number of users in a single group to start the conversion. The WhatsApp messenger supports all the devices such as windows, android, blackberry and phones. It is well running and using application by the users. You can add this app to your smartphone through the play store and even you can use the secure or certified website to install it in your mobile phone. It is regularly used for the personal as well as for the professional users. There is need to use the mobile number for its activation. But now you can use WhatsApp messenger without phone number.

The User-friendly features of WhatsApp messenger are:

  • A user can send the document file
  • voice calling
  • video calling
  • update the status by uploading the images and videos
  • you can hide your updated status if you want
  • share the contact number
  • attach an audio file
  • message recalled or delete option

Let’s study the different ways to install this messenger without the use of mobile number into your smartphones.

How to install the WhatsApp Messenger Without Phone Number ?

Now we will study the experimental proved results of installing WhatsApp without using the mobile number in the Android phone, iPhone, iPad and PC.
This function is also eligible if your phone does not contain any sim card in it. Before going further any method out of the following two methods, we have to follow some below-mentioned points.

  • If you don’t have the WhatsApp then install it in your smartphone and tablet.

  • If you have the WhatsApp messenger in your device then check out that the account is verified or not.

  • In case the account is verified then delete that particular account by removing that app and reinstall it back into the device.

Image- WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp messenger without phone number

Method 1:- TextNow app

1. Textnow method to verify your Whatsapp messenger account:

Firstly download the app which is known as Textnow in your phone. Then, you will get the unique number that you have to enter in your WhatsApp messenger without phone number and account will be verified. Here are the steps to explain you more clearly.

a. Install the Textnow app

Using the Google play store, you can install this app into your smartphones or any other device. According to your phone, you can use any alternative site also to download this app.

b. Disclose the app and receive the number

Open the app in your gadget and note down the mentioned number. That number you will enter to verify your WhatsApp account. In case you haven’t found any number while opening the app. Then, you can try the below mention steps.

iPhone: Tap over the icon visible in your iPhone at the top left corner in a 3 line form. After a click then automatically you will see the digits.

Windows phone: Read to the people option when you open the app.

Android: Click over the 3 line icon exist over the top left corner of your device and then you will find the number.

c. Verify the WhatsApp

Now you will verify your WhatsApp messenger using the text number. Next, you can use the following steps to complete the verification process.

Enter the Textnow number to your WhatsApp: when you agree with all the norms of the WhatsApp then you will move to place your number. After this choose your location and put the Textnow digit.

Be patient till the SMS of verification failure: After receiving the fail SMS then brought on to call at your number. Tap on the call me switch then automatically you will receive the call from the WhatsApp.

Receive the verification number of WhatsApp: Check the Textnow application and after the WhatsApp call, you will receive the verification number.

Place the verification code to the WhatsApp: Now you are allowed to type the verification digits to the WhatsApp.

Setup done: After entering the code you are free to use the WhatsApp.

But in case, if you are failed to use WhatsApp using Textnow app then you can apply another app also which is called as the Textplus.

There is one more method that is used to verify the WhatsApp without using the phone number.

whatsapp messenger without phone number - 3

Method 2:- Apply with prevailing landline number

Here is a second method to verify the WhatsApp messenger without phone number and sim card. In this case, you can verify the app by using an existing number.

The steps to use the existing landline number are:

a. Unlocked the WhatsApp messenger

Open the WhatsApp messenger in the device whether its smartphone, PC, iPhone and tablet.

b. Put your landline and home number

Induced to place your landline number then you will select the location and put your landline and home number.

c. Hold on until the fail verification SMS arrives

Same as in the method 1 you will receive the fail SMS and then you can choose the call me button and you receive the call to verify the WhatsApp app.

d. Register the code for verification

After the automatic call, you will enter the code into the WhatsApp to verify and the whole setup is completed. Now you are free to use the app.

As you use the Google play store to install the WhatsApp and other latest helpful apps or Free Game you can also move to the Appstosoft site. It is 100% secure and genuine for your device.

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