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Linux Mint hardware requirements and supported tools download

Linux Mint hardware requirements and supported tools download

Presently, you are surrounded by the variety of Technologies. Linux Mint is a most updated and highly comfortable operating system. It is powerful and easy to run. On this article we are going to show you, what are the linux mint hardware requirements and how to free download supported tools .

You can enjoy a different software placed in Linux Mint such as Thunderbird, Hexchat, VLC media player, Gimp Pidgin, Transmission, LibreOffice and Firefox. Even, Linux Mint can develop the software for its operating system. The source code is available on Github and the development is done in Python.

What are the main features of Linux Mint?

  • Use free and open source software
  • Support different languages
  • Availability of number of desktop environment
  • Free of cost

Linux Mint is the alternative solution for Windows 8.x or 10. It is very easy to use. It works same as window 7 and much easier than window 8.x and 10. It is created from the ubuntu mint. If you are music and movie lovers then you need not to install anything extra, By using Linux Mint you can entertain yourself. It is used as the fun activity also.

Linux Mint Hardware Requirements download Image: Linux mint hardware requirements Base Software Free Download

Linux Mint is not a direct sort of income. Generally, you obtain the fund by using its websites. Usually, if you want to buy any operating system then you have to pay for that, which means whenever you want that same operating system or other than that, then every time you have to pay some particular amount. But that’s not in case of Linux Mint. As its open source which means its free. So, you can install it as many times as you want and on uncountable computers, you can apply this.

On the daily basis, usage of Linux Mint hardware requirements is increased rapidly. If you take the example of any company, then you will see mostly IT companies prefer to use the Linux in their systems. This is because its easy to use and without any cost price. Linux Mint is the version of Linux operating system. With the growth of technology, its version also updated. Nowadays, the Linux Mint 18.3 version is developed.

Let’s check out some Linux Mint Hardware Requirements:

  • X86 processor, under this Linux Mint 64-bit, requires a 64-bit processor. But the Linux Mint 32-bit can easily run over the 32-bit or 64-bit processors.
  • There is a requirement of 512 MB RAM. But for the comfortable usage, we suggest 1 GB.
  • The demand for 5 GB disk space. For better result, we recommend 20 GB.
  • Requirement of DVD drive or USB port
  • The capability of 800*600 resolution for graphics card. At the same time, we propose 1027*768 resolution

Here are some Mint Tools in Linux Mint 17 cinnamon:

Linux Mint Hardware Requirements Download Free Linux Mint Hardware Requirements Base Software:

Software Manager (mintInstall):

This tool helps to download the information on all the applications on the mint software from Linux Mint 6. It is highly appreciable for the downloading procedure.

Update Manager (mintUpdate):

It supports updation. For Linux Mint distribution, development team always check the package wide updates. Even it prevents any unnecessary updation.

Main Menu (mintMenu):

It includes filtering, installation, session management, system and places links. This is the complete list of the main options on the menu.

Backup Tool (mintBackup):

This tool assists you to restore the data, if you delete or remove some information. Sometimes, by mistake you erase the important document, then this tool act accurately.

Upload Manager (mintUpload):

It helps to upload the services at their required place. The upload services defined for FTP, SFTP and SCP servers. There are simple steps to follow the upload processing.

Domain blocker (mintNanny):

It suggests the user to set a domain to the blocked system-wide.

Desktop Settings (mintDesktop):

It is an absolute tool for the desktop configuration.

Welcome screen (mintWelcome):

The application which is displayed when you log in a new account is called welcome screen. New users can start their work on this screen.

Linux Mint performs on the number of editions depend upon the Ubuntu and Debian.

What are the steps to install the Linux Mint in dual boot with Windows?

⇒ Design an existing USB or disk
⇒ For Linux Mint assemble a fresh partition
⇒ Plug the exist USB
⇒ Begin the installation process
⇒ Build the partition
⇒ Generate root, swap and home
⇒ Pursue the trivial commands

The mint-dev-tools itself install the progress appliances on the system:.

♣ Search and change the tools (pyrenamer, regexxer)
♣ Development appartus and sources (gnome-dbg, devhelp, glade, gdb, awf)
♣ Tools configuration and analysis (dconf-editor, d-feet, gconf-editor)
♣ Git appartus (gitg, git, gitk)
♣ Meld ( pleasant optic instrument)
♣ Sublime-script (perfect growth text issue)
♣ Packaging appliances (dpkg-dev, debhelper, devscripts, git-buildpackage)

Now we can discuss different ways to use any Linux based operating system:

Use the latest version of Linux:

Under this category, you can start the Linux after putting it on the USB and DVD. It is a slow process, so usually, the changes are not saved in it. Generally, it’s best if you want to try the Linux as a new beginner.

Place the Linux with windows:

This classification is also called the dual booting Linux with window. It means the system contains both the Linux and window and it’s your choice that which operating system you want to run. It creates complications for the new users. But this is the ultimate solution to use both Linux and window together.

Linux Mint is one of the remarkable and user-friendly operating system. Its performance is same as the Ubuntu. And if you are a regular using window and new to Linux, then you should install the Linux at least once to try it. It is very effective to use.

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