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Bulk Download from Google Drive don’t you know that !

Bulk Download from Google Drive don’t you know that !

Google Drive is a storage device explored by the Google. Google drive allows to store the files, synchronize and share the files. But Many people are don’t know about Bulk Download from Google drive. This drive sharing facility is applicable in Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS smartphones and tablets.

As you download the single app and software at a time and if you want the number of applications to download then you keep going to google site and installing that particular application and software. This activity requires a lot of time, which is not easy to maintain by the users. So, the Bulk download through the Google drive is the alternate solution for those who continuously need to download the files.

For the bulk download process, the number of applications are discovered and researched to make your work easy and happening. Bulk Download from Google drive is now comfortable for the business, students, research centers etc. It is the time-saving task and makes you to work comfortably without taking your mind here and there. Now here are some steps for the users how want to learn the criteria of how to download the multiple files from the google drive.

  • Firstly move your cursor to the folder which contains the files that you want to download from the Google drive.

  • Click on the files you want to download by holding the control.

  • Select all required files and at the last selected file click right and then, click on the download option.

  • Now Google drive will provide you the zip document, which contains all the selected files to download.

The very new feature this day is that Google docs merged with the Google drive. Through this fine functioning, you can easily synchronize and download the file from the Google Docs. Even the Bulk Download from Google drive files are not scattered in your downloaded column. It will download in your system in the zip form then you can extract the files according to your requirements.

What are the uses of Bulk Download from Google Drive?

Bulk Download from Google drive fast Image: Quick and Easy Bulk Download from Google Drive

Save Precious time:

As we all aware of the fact that we are living in the world which is full of competition and we haven’t a single second to waste on any unnecessary activity. Then, bulk downloading is the great feature designed to save your time. By bulk download from Google drive, you can utilize that time to another side.

Multitasking process:

You can call it the multitasking process in which bulk downloading is possible. For example, if you download the file one by one then it consumes a lot of time and a single work is done at a time. But if the whole files are downloaded simultaneously by selecting them all then the multitasking is proceed.

Highly portable:

After bulk downloading  the files or documents can easily share or synchronize from one device to another. Without any hindrances, it can be transferred to another party.


This process is super fast. Within a minute you can download the multiple files from the Google drive. But for this you need to use the strong internet connection. The connection failure will lead to the slow down the downloading procedure.

Let’s explore the storage features of a drive:

  • Google drive offers you the free 15 GB space to store your documents or files.
  • The storage works with the google photos, drive and Gmail. So, you have the option to store the files, save your attachments contained in the mail and have backup photos straight from the drive.
  • According to your need, you can purchase the larger cloud storage plan.
  • Google attachments you can save to the google drive. So that further, you can share that files to the safe place.
  • In the android device, you can scan your document or file such as a letter, datasheet, bill etc. And then immediately drive will store that scanned copy as a pdf.

The Google Drive app is the one of the safest or secure site for your important documents and photos. It has the back-up of all the important details.

An unexpected google drive tips:

Bulk Download from Google drive quick Image: Bulk Download from Google Drive Totally Free

Download Now

Merge with team:

It is the ultimate way to connect with your team. You can view the activity of other members. Moreover, the advantage of using this drive that you can check who is editing or deleting the file. Files are covered to 200 cooperates with only 50 can use that at a single time.

Share documents publicly:

If you don’t want to just stick to your team members and willing to share your files or documents to the public then by editing the settings you can do it. Even you can present your file to use for the search purpose by the google.


It’s not compulsory that all the users can misuse your stuff. You have the choice to secure your data from the searches and other users.

Combine chat option:

If your group share the information and all the group members want to have the conversation on some particular topic related to that work then you can use the chat option available in the window. At the right bottom corner, there is a space for a chat. You can start the conversion by opening it.

Find the individual person:

If you are logged with the number of persons and you find hard to search the individual then you can search that particular by entering his/her name into the search bar. Then, you will receive the matching results.

Sometimes you get fed up the way Google drive works. Because, it does not support the mass download. It creates a big issue for the users who regularly want the bulk of files to download for their personal and professional matter. In your system you may receive the message of system error occured when exporting this document when you try to download the greater number of files at a time.

For the better and secure results, you can download the Google drive app from the Appstosoft site. It is the safe and reliable for your appliances.

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