All of your computer's hardware information

CPU-Z is a free tool that displays detailed information about your computer hardware. The main things of CPU-Z give you information about CPUs, memory cache, mainboards and RAM; Each person has a separate tab with all information related to it.


It will run to see your processor's name and model, detailed key data, core voltage, internal and external clock, overclock detection (if its speed has changed), supported instruction set, memory to see ... Absolutely everything is there about your CPU


The ones you can use are very wide, for example, you can be very useful to know the correct model of RAM, if you want to replace it or expand it with additional modules that would be of the same characteristics you want to attach to their dual channel. When you can use CPU-Z to verify the stability of your content, when you have to pay special attention and attention to the temperature, the speed and changes can be changed when changing voltages at each speed.

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