Undelete Plus

Undelete Plus
FDRLab Data Recovery Centre

Another file recovering tool? No, you are wrong, this one works perfectly and it’s free.

For sure that you have ever deleted a file you wanted to preserve, but when you realized it, it was too late. If that happened now, you will have no problem, because thanks to Undelete Plus, you will recover it in a matter of three or four clicks.

Where is that great folder full of photos of you and your girlfriend in Punta Cana? Let Undelete Plus find and recover it.

It analyzes your HD searching for the files you deleted and let you recover them as if nothing had happened.

Not only does it support HDs but you will be able to recover data stored in Floppys or even in USB or memory cards.

Forget about problems thanks to Undelete Plus.


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