Free OCR

Free OCR

R. Richardson

Surely you ever have a plain text which needs to be transformed into a plain text. These programs are called OCR (detection of optical letters) and the free OCR is a God's choice, because it works very well and it is completely free.


Maybe you have to scan a page of a book and it's in plain text, do not worry. Plug in your scanner and select it as the free OCR interface input. The rest will be completed by the Free OCR.


Once it scans and analyzes the document, it shows you the result, which may change because sometimes it is not perfect as we wanted it to be.


Of course, it transforms into a picture stored on your computer, just select it as input and it will do the same.


We just got a problem, it does not support PDF files. We hope it will support it with the next update.

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Free 2.6 R. Richardson


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