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PGP Desktop

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To download the program you will need to fill in a form on the official site and then you will get a license number.


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You probably know, despite the security arrangement you receive information related to email sent or sent by the clients of the sender, when it comes to private or confidential information it is unlikely to be enough.

PGP Desktop is an application that will help you feel secure before your PC because it is responsible for encrypting all information from email clients, messenger clients, transferred files, chat time, etc.

In the PGP desktop interface you will find several menus from which you can securely manage passwords, add email and messaging services to encrypt, save compressed files and folders, or create and manage virtual storage units that can work as a safe and invisible Maybe others.

Finally, there are networks on the PPP desktop that allow you to manage folders that you share on the network, and this allows you to add users and permissions to the folders that you choose to store your confidential information that are available to you.

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Demo 9.10 PGP Corporation


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