FNaF World

FNaF World

The characters from Five Nights at Freddy's move to an RPG

FNAF World is an RPG of a trolley-based combat system, where the character is the character of the popular hero franchise five night of Fradi. Yes, those famous horror animatronics and all their friends: they are the main characters.


FNaF World's story characters permit the cast as just crazy basically you FNaF from the universe more than 40 characters to play when they are evil creatures to be shared with a fantasy world with an adventure begins that nothing makes any sense, but not the game In this case it is very hard to try.


Gameplay of FnF World is usually found in the JRPG genes. In other words, you manage a group of characters, their layers, decorate them with different objects, etc. War, just like they used JRPGs from the 90s, are random and annoying; And they are based on turn.


FNaF World is an entertaining but advanced JRPG.

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License Version Developer
Free 0.1.1 realscawthon


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