PES 2012

PES 2012

All the excitement of soccer comes back!

Pro Evolution Soccer returns back with a new version of its Football Simulator. This year, PES 2012 is loaded with new options, game modes and cinematic gameplay that make this installment spectacular.


PES 2012 provides advanced artificial intelligence that will help you enjoy more games than ever before. Thanks, your attacks will not be slow, your players will work more consistently, and you will continue to be convinced for the attack and achieve a goal. Also the opposition AI will improve and their defense will be good and you will find it a better strategy to find more difficult. However, it happened in the previous installment of the game, goalkeepers are PES2012's unfinished business.


In addition to this, the player's movement is good, they have a new routine that is more realistic than before. It includes new options such as controlling players do not say to organize an attack or to force a counter to defend.


The graphics, as always, are excellent, even better than the other year. They are represented by players, in fact they imitate the gestures of real players, for example Cristiano Ronaldo's position, Iniesta's Dodging Style, etc. Everything you need to enjoy real football.


This year, you can enjoy the Champions League, the Copa Libertadores, Europa League, ... even for the first time, the BBVA league, which will enjoy the fans of non-European teams.


In addition to the Master League, you can test the coaches and managers' tasks. In fact, this change gives you a completely different perspective of the game. Forget about the field and take the role of the football manager: Office, discussion, marketing strategy and glory are many more options for driving your team.


Enjoy another year of control of best players: Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, Messi and Barcelona from Iniesta FC ... pass, dribble, shoot ... PES 2012 is already here!


The free trial version includes 5 teams: Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Rangers, Club America and Internacional. With them you can have a friendly 10 minute game and training as well.


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