Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Prepare your fingers, they will be your feet in PES6

Here you are Pro Evolution Soccer 6, the latest version of one of the best football games in history.


Nowadays there are two major football games: one FIFA, and the other is Pro Evolution Soccer, now and with this PES6 you will experience the next step.


Now you will enjoy more real players, new movements and skills, more reality, more real teams, ..., short, more football, more PES 6.


You will be able to make your own game, or online with your friends, you decide on your game mode for today, PES6 will offer you what you need.


Choose your team and become the Pro Ronaldinho, CSK, Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo when you play Pro Evolution Soccer, perhaps you have played the best and most playing football game


It's time for football, it's time for Pro Evolation Soccer 6.


The demo version offers you a friendly match and four different teams: Spain, Czech, Sweden and Italy.



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