Dolphin Team
Play Wii games on PC. Gamecube too

Dolphin is the PCT's best Y emulator that you can find. It also works for Gamecube, so you'll be able to play the latest Ninja games in PCT.


In addition, in most cases you will enjoy better graphic than real video console


Yes, it is true, your computer is better than a ninode video console according to the hardware requirements, so it can provide you better graphics and functionality. Amazing


Enjoy the voice of HD thanks to Dolphin. You have to try it.


Although for the first time you have to configure it and it can be a bit difficult due to the load load to change and customize, once you've configured it according to your needs, it's really good.


Wii Games is a new way to play, because all of your PC can handle Wii and gamecube games. Enjoy!

By the Iraqi Okumira

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