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You play a dynamic version of Hospital Holdem, Picker, which can be the most popular in the world, when everything can change instantly.


Similar to new players and experts, if you play a fast game on a computer, every time there is a good idea in a short time, so keep an eye on the open-source Picayrite of Texas Holder's best player on your desktop.


PokerH allows you to play online with people worldwide through its servers, or you can play simulation games against Ai. You also have the option of creating network games, although you need multiple computers connected to other networks so that you can play with other people.


The rules are like a real life-like insect: 2 cards in every player, 5 face-to-face, dealer, small blind, big blind ... Unfortunately, you have not opened all the cards on the card, it is not possible to play with real money. Still, it's a great option to have fun and a little practice. It comes with a variety of configuration options to adjust the minimum bit, money start, and the number of players installed in tennis.

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GNU 1.0.1 PokerTH Team


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