Miso is a terrorist group that has been completely completed ('Mad Father' creator, found at Uptodown), where the player feels the role of a young schoolgirl, who, as a good day of his organization, becomes a real nightmare.


Gameplay is much more than other games using RPG makers and similar programs. Therefore, from a regional perspective you will control Aki, the hero, when you discover different rooms, talk to the people and above all, try to survive.


The story behind Misao is its most powerful point. It's an awesome story with no limits, where you will find extreme violence, murder, humiliation, and many other elements suitable for players below 18 years of age. Besides, those who have played the 'Mad Father' of the past will go to some references to the game.


Misao is a shy game, who leaves you with a bad feeling after the game, but its value is unacceptable. It's not too impressive graphical, the story is very long, but look at these fantastic awesome games are good at your time.

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License Version Developer
Free 3.03 Sen


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