Eyes The Horror Game

Eyes The Horror Game

Paulina Pabis

Eyes: The Dare game is a first-person horror game that represents the player with a very simple motive: You need to enter a building in the middle of the night, find 20 bags filled with money, and complete it.


The problem you can run is immediately apparent - when there is no security guard or camera, there are ghosts. The kind of ghosts that kill


Take care to run into any unusual presences that are worth exploring when collecting money collection bags are explored in every corner. If you notice that the furniture starts to splinter, or you start listening to a strange word, to remove it or to face any other horrible creature and near specific death.


You will see the eyes painted on the walls of the particular cell. These paintings will be expressed in horror images of different conditions in the building.


Eyes: The hero game is a good panic game that brings a new experience with every player, which is really everything - money bags, eyes distribution, and when and where the ghost is seen - are set randomly

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License Version Developer
Free 2.2 Paulina Pabis


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