War Rock

War Rock

K Software

Warrak is a Frenetic first-person shooter MMORPG (widely played multiplayer online role-play). When you start playing, you can choose between an environment and five available soldiers: engineers, sniper, attack, heavy weapon, or doctor.


If you like games and war games in modern military strategy, you will love WarRock.


You have to drive from the helicopter and tanks to the motorcycle


When you start the game, you will be assigned a group randomly (it is not right, because you can not create a team with your friends) and since then, you have to fight and win. There is victory, you just have to win it.


War Rack has arrived by thousands of players at any time on the world's servers, so you can play anytime. Register this fight, feel this amazing free game energy.

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Free v18.11.2015 K Software


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