2.9 (FINAL)

Terodrome is a 2D war game that collects the most popular horror movie characters of all time to combine their weapons and machetes into one of the bloodiest games.


LeaderFace, Freddie Cugger, Ash Williams, Michael Mears, Chiki, Jason, Goustfasse (Skym Bad), Manic Sip, Kandiman, Jason, Herbert West, Pumpkinhade and Pinhad cast all stars, which you can guess, absolutely everything Freddie Jason with his coat, Jason with his meseth, and Ash was not hesitant to draw his gun.


Each of the characters, of course, has their own special steps and attack. A dozen unique steps are sure to master every character enough to master almost all the characters around it. The best thing is that each of our heroes uses their most iconic weapon in this special attack.


Unusually, you'll find some of the most famous places from this little angels acting movie. From the Cheeky's toys shop, from Ash Cabin to Jason's house


Terrordrome is a very entertaining and bloody fighting game which will appeal to fans especially for the horror film. Those characters do not know anything about this amazing cast yet will face the reminder of an extraordinary fighting game Mortal Kombat

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Free 2.9 (FINAL) Hur4c4n


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