Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament

The PlayStation 2 classic, now on your PC thanks to MAME

Tekken Tag Tournament, two legendary two PlayStation 2 fighting games, now thanks to the MAME emulator's magician available for PC that allows you to just about any famous computer experience.


The best thing about this version is that it only takes up to 65 MB of memory, you simply have to decompress it into the folder of your hard disk and then start playing playing MAME executable. It's as simple as that.


Once you have done it, you can access the lady's classic custom letters like Anti, Gene Kazama, Lei, Wolf, Heihachi, Xiaoyu, Brian and Company. All of them come with their characteristic rounds, so nobody will know how to control them how played before the franchise.


Graphics in this Tekken Tag Tournament is a bit inferior to the PlayStation 2 version we all remember. In fact, the graphics are more closely related to those of the players Tekken 3. Despite this, the game is still incredibly fun.


Tekken Tag Tournament is a fun fight game that you can enjoy alone, or thanks to its mode versus a friend. It's certainly not the best version of the Tekken tag tournament, but it's one of the most accessible.

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