DragonBallZ AF Mugen 2013

DragonBallZ AF Mugen 2013


Dragonball F. Mugen is one of many war video games based on Mogane 2013, which uses characters from the Dragon Ball. What it does is that others do not have a series of Dragon Ball AF characters.


F. Futech for Futures, a non-official continuity created by the fans of the sea, which is going on as soon as the new and impossible transformation, with the work of Akira Toriyum, such as the super-level level 5.


This means that in addition to the classic characters - Goku, Gohan and Shakira - in normal mode, there will be characters like Gogether 4 and Goku 5, and basically all possible transitions that have the most important characters across all series.


Control of the game is exactly what you would expect from such a game. Some speed with joystick will start to launch the power wave of your character, when you do not have more complex combos, you can create something from Genie Kamehameha to Genki Ball.


Graphically, Dragonbell F. Mugen 2013 is not really spectacular. However, thanks to its simple appearance, the game works perfectly well on various devices.


Dragonball F Mugen 2013 is a specially fought battle game in support of the drug ball. The amount of characters available, combined with different game modes (one or two players), is easy to spend hours dishing out punches.

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